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Woof, Woof… in Human Language, Welcome!

Hi, welcome to the first Monkey’s House blog, the one blog where it’s highly recommended to have your dog on your lap or by your feet as you enjoy the content. Oh yeah, don’t forget the treat… no, not for you! One for your best friend, I’m sure they will appreciate it.

Michele and Jeff Allen are the founders of Monkey’s House Dog Hospice Sanctuary, established in 2015.

To complement their mission of providing loving care to homeless dogs with terminal diagnoses and promoting optimum wellness, for the past 8 years they’ve built up their community sharing a wealth of knowledge on senior and hospice dog health and nutrition issues. This blog will be another avenue to expand their reach to those pet parents thirsty for information to make their dog’s lives the best it can be.

They are excited to bring you this new platform, providing weekly blogs focusing on what we all love most… dogs! Mainly dogs heading into, or in their twilight years. You’ll find some information like this on the Monkey’s House Facebook page mixed among daily updates of the dogs. These blogs will expand beyond those, providing more informative and actionable advice.

Weekly a new blog will be presented, alternating between Michele and Jeff. Michele being the medical and nutrition expert in the family, she’ll focus on blogs geared to improving your dog’s health, guiding you through challenging times. Jeff will use his wit and humor to provide a more lighthearted, yet informative, approach to his blogs. The two styles will provide a good mix for you to learn and enjoy.

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1 Comment

Feb 22

Love you guys and what you do gor those fur babies.. You are angels 😇

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