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Monkey's House Dog Hospice & Sanctuary

We're an all-volunteer 501(c)3 non-profit solely supported by generous donations from friends like you. Please take the next step and donate; you'll make a big difference in the dogs' lives.

Monkey's House is the saving grace for many dogs that find themselves homeless with major medical issues, "time-stamped" to be destroyed. That's when we step in. Since inception in 2015 we've rescued over 160 dogs. We're very proud of our 100% success rate; success is determined by the quality of life they have before they cross the rainbow bridge. Monkey's House currently has 20+ dogs that enjoy the love of volunteers ranging from high school students to senior citizens.

Your donation is very important to ensure that we are able to carry on with our life-enhancing work. Your donation will go a long way in saving and caring for once-homeless hospice dogs.

Thank You!

Michele Allen

Donate Now to Support Monkey's House

You can make a difference in their lives!

Others Ways To Donate

Please send checks to: Monkey’s House PO Box 2332 Vincentown, NJ 08088

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