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Look Who's Gotz Somthin

Exciting news - the 2024 Monkey’s House shirt campaign is now live, with no other than JJ donning the shirt.

Some little boy’s head is quite large at the moment. To say he’s proud to be the face of Monkey’s House is an understatement as he’s prancing around like a peacock. In his interview with Wolf Schnauzer on CBN (previous blog post) he made a compelling case for getting something big. Of course, much of that was slanted to make it look like JJ “gotz nuffin” all the time, which is the farthest from the truth. But to maintain a tranquil setting here we agreed to feature JJ. Plus, he is a cute character for sure.


Let’s hear a few tidbits of wisdom from JJ himself.

Dad:  JJ, how does it feel to be on the 2024 shirt among the likes of Dozer, Bullwinkle, Parcel, Hooch, and others over the years?

JJ:  First, iz have to sayz iz honored. But, whyz did it takz so long to getz me da somthin?

Dad:  Well JJ, you are very special. But all the dogs of Monkey’s House are special.

JJ:  Iz knowz dad, butz the wayz iz see itz, itz all aboutz me.

Dad:  We clearly know it’s always all about you, JJ. And in your mind, that is true.

Dad:  JJ, we are counting on you to make sure you get the sales for your shirt up. This is one of a few fundraisers we have each year to support all the pups.

JJ:  Iz know. Iz asking all the Monkey’s House family to pleze buyz da shirt to support ourz mission. Besidz, you getz a very goodz lookin dogz. Oops… Iz mean shirtz.


Dad:  JJ, I’d expect no less of an answer from you. Please tell us about the new Tie Dye shirt we have in this campaign.

JJ:  As youz may knowz, da JJ is a very relaxed dude. Iz probably should have been livin in the 60s/70s. So Iz asked for da Tie Dye shirtz. Theyz really cool!

Dad:  The new style is pretty cool, but not so sure of your self-characterization as being a relaxed pup. But we’ll let that be… as I heard you nipped Wolf’s hand.

JJ:  Jusz a little misunderstanz betweek Wolfz and Iz.

Dad: Thanks JJ, again congratulations on getting something really big. Now for the details.

The campaign runs May 1-19; shirts will arrive in early June.  There are 8 styles of shirts: unisex, kids, long-sleeved, tank-top, V-neck, etc. There are a variety of colors to choose from.

100% of proceeds support the Monkey’s House dogs.

Thank you for all your support.      

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