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Monkey's House Community

 Become an Aunt or Uncle to Our Resident Pups

It truly takes a community to run and make Monkey’s House a success. However, we take it much more profound; we believe it takes a family… the Monkey’s House family. The critical components of this family are the aunts and uncles, our volunteers. To get to know a dog’s wants and needs, you need to be much more than just a volunteer. To the dogs, you’re the one and only “Aunt Claire” or “Uncle Bill”.

Monkey’s House is unique as it is in our home, not a facility. The dogs live in a family environment. As in any dog sanctuary, there is a long list of chores that need to be completed each day. But mostly, it’s the love and affection the dog’s treasure from their family.

The dogs would love you to be one of their aunts or uncles. Consider volunteering today. Here’s what a few of our aunts have to say.

Volunteer Testimonials

“Despite living a thousand miles away I love volunteering for Monkey’s House. Using my writing skills for their projects is so rewarding as I know it’s helping dogs get the love and care they deserve. Donations, purchasing calendars and T-shirts every year are a given. It's incredibly fulfilling knowing I’m part of giving them a grand finale.”

Aunt Pat

"Walking into Monkey's House in the morning, being greeted by the wiggling dogs makes my day. Before becoming a treasured aunt, I'd take my time getting moving in the morning. Not anymore! Three days a week I'm excited to get on the road to be with my furry family. Helping with breakfast, morning walks, a few chores, then snuggles... did I mention snuggling? I won't say I have favorites; they all steal my heart in one way or another, some even claim me as "their person". There is nothing better than to be part of an organization whose sole mission is to make these dogs' final chapter the best it can be. I always leave Monkey's House with a full heart, looking forward to my next visit."

Aunt Claire

“When I explain where I volunteer most people say, "Oh, that must be sad". I tell them these dogs are like any dog: goofy, mischievous, and full of love. Sure, it’s sad when one passes, but we know their last chapter has been filled with love. As an aunt I get to do fun things like give baths, lots of petting, walks, and chauffeuring the precious pups. Taking them to vet appointments allows me to bond with them. Some sit quietly, others try to climb onto my lap, and some entertain me, "singing" the entire trip. Volunteering here helps these dogs live their best life, and the rewards to me are priceless!”

Aunt Terry

“There’s one word that describes how I feel about being a Monkey’s House volunteer, “rewarding”. There’s so much joy in being able to make a positive difference in the life of a dog that needs our help. It’s amazing to care for and love each dog that comes through the door. It’s been a very fulfilling and truly heartwarming experience.”

Aunt Tracey

Learn How You Can Become A Volunteer

Become an Aunt or Uncle to an animal in need, all are welcome!

Becoming A Volunteer

Being one of the Monkey’s House’s volunteers, an “aunt” or “uncle”, is a very gratifying experience. Seeing dogs arrive that are so defeated from their previous life, sick and frail. Then comes the amazing transformation right before their eyes. Our aunts and uncles know they are making a positive difference in each and every dog’s life. Thus, the Monkey’s House’s tagline  “Where Dogs Go To Live!” is so true. 


Do you want to become an Aunt or Uncle to our resident pups? Please fill out the form below and we will contact you shortly.


  • Age 18+

  • Commit to at least once a week 

  • Ability to perform volunteer tasks, e.g. help serve meals, walks, bathing dogs, laundry, cleaning of floors and bedding, washing dishes.

  • Ability to stay calm in circumstances of a dog having a medical emergency, e.g. seizures or loss of consciousness, and alerting Michele/Jeff immediately. 

  • Note: Prior to starting a Release form will be provided for your review and signature is required.   

Volunteer Application

What Makes A Monkey's House Dog?

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