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We’ve been blessed with the support of amazing partners and wholeheartedly welcome them into the Monkey’s House family. Without them, providing the highest level of care for our dogs wouldn’t be possible. Please support them if the need arises.

If you would like to become a partner with Monkey’s House, please contact us.


Their passion is to create the most nourishing, healthy raw and gently cooked clean food to support a pet’s overall well-being. Allprovide is passionate about Monkey’s House. Since 2015 they’ve provided the dogs with food donations and hosted fundraisers.
Dr. Judy Morgan was our first veterinarian, from the beginning. We use her supplements and still partner on projects, e.g. An Integrative Approach to Hospice and Palliative Care for Dogs
Dr. Knight is Monkey’s House lead veterinarian. We couldn’t accomplish amazing transformations without her knowledge and dedication.
The best CBD for dogs and pets with a full spectrum hemp oil. They are committed to improving pet’s lives and educating people about the benefits of CBD products. They support the Monkey’s House dogs with their CBD needs.
#1 Vet-Recommended Organic Coconut Oil for pets. They help Monkey’s House support and minimize seizures, canine cognitive decline, and brain tumors with their Virgin Coconut oil and Triplex MCT oil. We use their dehydrated coconut chips for diabetic dogs and dogs on a diet. Their treats were E-l-o-p-e’s absolute favorite!
Manufacturer of superior commercial freezers and refrigerators. Our freezer holds all of Monkey’s House frozen dog food. Ensuring the pups never go hungry.
Their well-researched supplements are designed to enhance patient outcomes. We use many of their products, seeing good results. Ask your veterinarian if they can help your dog.
Offering the finest all-natural foods, treats, and herbal supplements for dogs. We use their supplements at Monkey’s House with great outcomes.
Veterinary rehabilitation facility, many of the Monkey’s House dogs go weekly for physical therapy, e.g. underwater treadmill.
An innovative shampoo company that’s highly committed to the skin health of pets as well as the environment. Their products keep our pups skin healthy.
A leader and innovator in dog apparel and choke-free harness. Our “littles” and medium-sized dogs are fitted with their harnesses. They fit like a glove, wear great, and help us manage the twenty-plus pups within our household. The days of collars at Monkey’s House are long gone thanks to Gooby.
All Natural USDA Certified Organic Dog Shampoo. They supply organic shampoos, conditioners, and skin products to Monkey’s House. Their products get the pups super clean and are gentle enough to use on dogs like Red, who is bathed daily.
They believe dogs are part of the family. That elderly, disabled, and handicapped dogs deserve to live a happy, healthy life. Monkey’s House could agree more, their carts give our mobile challenged pups the freedom of movement.
Providing cutting-edge technology in laser therapy and PEMF therapy to provide faster healing and reduction of painful conditions.
Red light therapy gives your dog a pain-free, unstoppable life. We use their product and find this therapy works wonders on the Monkey’s House dogs.
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