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Monkey’s House Dog Hospice & Sanctuary

Providing loving care and integrative wellness for dogs with terminal diagnoses or hard-to-adopt disabilities

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Our Mission, Your Support

Monkey’s House Dog Hospice & Sanctuary is a non-profit organization that provides loving care for homeless dogs with terminal diagnoses or hard-to-adopt disabilities. We strive to promote optimum wellness using an integrative approach, which includes fresh tailored nutrition, quality veterinary care, physical exercise, and mental stimulation. We also share our approach to palliative and hospice care, educating those who are interested. The dogs live in a peaceful home environment in a rural community.

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Our Promise to the Dogs We Love

At Monkey's House, we're dedicated to providing a compassionate and loving environment for dogs in their end-of-life journey. Founded in 2015, by Michele and Jeff Allen, they have created a sanctuary where senior dogs can enjoy their golden years in comfort and peace. Our team takes great pride in giving our guests the best possible end-of-life care, ensuring they are comfortable, happy, and surrounded by love.

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Illustration of The Rainbow Bridge

At The Rainbow Bridge

Stories from our former residents

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