We are truly amazed at the support Monkey’s House receives from you, what we refer to our Monkey’s House Family!
Of course, without you there would be no Monkey’s House as we know it today.



As part of the Monkey’s House Family you should be very proud. Thanks to your support we’ve been able to save and care for well over 100 once homeless hospice dogs that were slated to be destroyed through no fault of their own since inception. For whatever reason they found themselves in a very frightful environment discarded like an old pair of shoes. When they needed their families the most, with their bodies waning, they were all alone. Luckily thanks to you, some of them made their way to Monkey’s House before the dreaded walk to the back of the shelter.

As our tagline states (which is the title of our book) “Where Dogs Go To LIVE” is what we’re all about. We do whatever it takes to give them quality in the time these dogs have remaining. YOU provided us the means to purchase Waggin’ One, taking fields to places like the New Jersey shore, state forest hikes, and of course the photos with Santa among many other fun adventures. Providing excellent veterinary care, healthy food, and much more.
Transformation is a powerful word and something we’ve seen many times even with hospice dogs. Holly, a German shepherd, was a prime example. She came here emaciated and distrusting. It took time, healthy food and love – lots of love but she blossomed at Monkey’s House and loved deeply her final chapter.

Thank you for helping give the Holly’s of this world a happy final ending through your support.    

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