A beautiful collection of over 70 photographs of man’s best friend. The perfect keepsake for anyone that has ever loved a dog!  Check out this pawsome music video, a must see for every dog lover. This video featuring MH  pups will have tails wagging around the world, and not just the dogs!   Share in their journeys, laugh at their crazy antics, and shed a few tears witnessing miracles of transformation. Rejoice along with these dogs, knowing they experienced the greatest gift of all, the healing power of love.


Aunts Marcia, Trish and Terry enjoying a little time with the pups.Aunts Marcia, Trish and Terry enjoying a little time with the pups.

What it's like to be a volunteer at Monkey's House, from "Aunt" Tracey.

“Being a Monkey’s House volunteer is a very fulfilling and rewarding experience. Playing an integral role in making the day to day happenings take place is important. There are so many things that need to happen each and every day to ensure the operation runs smoothly. Such as tons of laundry, constant cleaning of floors and changing of pee pads, messes in the yard to be picked up, pounds and pounds of food to be cooked, tidying up, baths, walks, meals, meds, changing of dog beds, lots if cuddling and petting, just to name some of the everyday duties. It truly is a team effort.

Those of us that are lucky enough to be able to volunteer are extremely grateful for the opportunity. Seeing dogs arrive that are so defeated from the life they had been living up until this point. Looking so sick and frail. Then they are immediately started on a healthy diet, veterinary appointments, medications, comfort, care and lots of love. Then comes the transformation right before our very eyes. Their fur looks shiny, they move a little easier, their shyness fades away, they simply feel better. They still have their health ailments, but with the proper care, are now actually able to live the life they so deserve even though they are ill. They live life to the fullest every day and have taught us so much about perseverance. What a difference we all make in the lives of these precious beings.

We as volunteers get to make each dog’s life a happier one. We get to hold them, care for them and most importantly, love them. The love we are able to give and receive from these dogs is nothing short of amazing. Knowing that we are actually making a positive difference in each and every life is incredible. The saying of Monkey’s House “Where dogs go to live” is so right. They are happy, content and loved to the moon and back.”

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