A beautiful collection of over 70 photographs of man’s best friend. The perfect keepsake for anyone that has ever loved a dog!  Check out this pawsome music video, a must see for every dog lover. This video featuring MH  pups will have tails wagging around the world, and not just the dogs!   Share in their journeys, laugh at their crazy antics, and shed a few tears witnessing miracles of transformation. Rejoice along with these dogs, knowing they experienced the greatest gift of all, the healing power of love.


HannahBeforeBefore Monkey’s House Hannah was neglectedHannahAfterAt Monkey’s House Hannah loved life!Hannah had beautiful, long, silky black hair with reddish-brown highlights throughout. This wasn’t always the case. When Hannah joined us, she had next to no hair from the neck down because of malnutrition and mammary cancer. She had lived a life of neglect and was abandoned in horrid condition.

The cancer masses were removed and she was put on a Ketogenic diet, which we believe helped slow the progression of cancer by starving cancer cells. She was also on supplements, including Chinese herbs, to support her organs and boost her immune system.

Hannah Bear came here full of cancer but defied the odds, living and loving life to the fullest. She had a great quality of life enjoying field trips and the occasional chasing of our cat.
We celebrated Hannah Bear’s life; in those two and a half years of love and adventure, she lived a very full life with cancer, was fearless, energetic, and made every day a blast. She didn’t let cancer get her down; if only we could all have that spirit. What a tragic loss it would have been had her story ended in a shelter, never making her way to Monkey’s House. We were able to rewrite Hannah’s story and give it a much better ending.

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