BuckBeforeBefore Monkey’s House Buck was in poor shapeBuckAfterAt Monkey’s House Buck blossomedBuck made his way to Monkey’s House shortly after we opened in 2015. He was deaf, blind, had a bad heart, bad lungs, strokes, and on top of that he had a brain tumor. But all of that didn’t stop him from being an incredible teacher and friend.
Buck celebrated four “gotcha days” with us. (A “gotcha day” is the annual anniversary of a dog’s adoption or rescue.) Not bad for a little dog that the shelter veterinarian said had a month or so to live and recommended euthanasia.
He had much to teach us about living, loving, and focusing on what body parts still work rather than on what parts don’t. He taught us to believe in miracles and to keep hoping even when all hope is lost. He survived many downward spirals and enjoyed his life. Whenever or where ever you saw Michele, Buck wasn’t far behind.

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