Beach 1The weekend before Memorial Day was the kickoff of summer for the pups of Monkey’s House. On this excursion it was a trip to the Jersey shore, more precisely the dog beach in Brigantine. Excitement filled the air as we all piled into Waggin’ One, our senior dog bus, and off we went to dip our toes & paws into the ocean.

Once we’re all unloaded at the beach it’s up “upward and onward” over the dunes we head. To a bystander it must have looked like a puppy parade, the ones with mobility issues had their own personal stroller or wagon drivers. As we approached the ocean the pups were in awe of all the different senses - new sights, sounds, smells, even the texture of the sand under their feet. Something for every dog, even the blind and deaf ones got to experience something new and stimulating.

As we stroll along the beach, the crew really spreads out. The fast-walkers are way up the beach while others hang near the water’s edge not far from where we started. Looking at these dogs you realize life isn’t just good, it’s amazing. Take Tequilla for example, a dog with major health issues and no eyes walking along the water’s edge with the ocean breeze blowing through his hair. He having the time of his life, not letting the lack of sight or health issues spoil his day, his “Not so ordinary day at the beach!”

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