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"All that we have enjoyed we can never lose, those that we love deeply become a part of us."-Helen Keller rb


In March of 2016 an emaciated pit bull was picked up by animal control and taken to Voorhees Animal Orphanage. Terrified and shivering, the staff got him to their vet right away. 24 hours later they were given the crushing news that this poor soul was in total renal failure, all the vet could recommend was humane euthanasia. That was heavy blow. The shelter contacted Monkey’s House to see if we could offer any hope to this dog who had already stolen a bunch of hearts there. All Monkey’s House could do was to promise to try.
For 9 months Parker continued to steal hearts here, his joy and zest for life a constant inspiration. He enjoyed bully sticks, marrow bones, laying on the furniture, sleeping in the sunshine, belly rubs....lots and lots of belly rubs. He never missed the opportunity to plant a long, huge kiss on anyone that was in range and he was a firm believer in personal protection dogs. He always felt safe when his friend Lil was on duty and had his back (Lil is under 4 lbs but took her job very seriously).
Parker passed away in December 2016 gently in the sunshine and surrounded by love. All of us at Monkey's House were devastated. Knowing and loving Parker was a true honor and a privilege not any of us would trade. Thank you Dr. Judy Morgan, Clayton and Churchtown Vets, thank you to everyone who donated towards his very expensive daily care, to everyone who loved him, prayed for him and cheered him on.


Lady Godiva (or sometimes referred to as Lady G) was a 16-year-old small, black shaggy dog. She was originally found by the Burlington County Police, and was involved in a criminal case. She suffered from numerous medical conditions including anemia, kidney failure, she was blind and deaf, and had a disintegrating jaw.  The bones in her jaw were literally falling apart.  After coming to Monkey's House, she had to have an eye removed to prevent infection, she was spayed, and had dental work done to relieve some of the jaw pain. Even with all her conditions, Lady G was very sweet and loving. She loved car rides, getting baths, being held, and especially rolling in pine needles.




LuLu was a friendly girl who liked to be around people and dogs. She was very loving, gentle and liked to give kisses to her human friends. Our sweet LuLu left us in February 2017. She passed gently, peacefilly and surrounded by love. She came to us in June of 2016 with separation anxiety and occasional incontinence. Later she demonstrated signs of a brain tumor. We managed her incontinence, separation anxiety, tremors, seizures, deafness and unsteady gait. She managed to start a new life with us at the age of 131/2, trusting us and loving us, knowing she would always be safe with us forever. Our hearts are broken but we stand proud of the life and love we gave her. Thank you to those who loved her with us. Love you Lu




Jerry was a 16 year-old dog that came from the SPCA.  Due to his many health issues he was not considered a candidate for adoption.  He had never lived inside before coming to us.  When he arrived he had kennel cough, poor appetite and a laundry list of chronic conditions.  He also had mobility issues and could not get around well. Once at Monkey's House, his health issues were immediately addressed. Jerry slowly improved and was able to start enjoying his life, even able to walk and run a little. He liked socializing with his doggy buddies and spending time with people. He loved to be outside taking walks and chasing butterflies. He was a gentle soul and a sweet dog.




MLBobMuch Loved Bob "MLB"

Much Loved Bob was brought into a local shelter as a stray. The shelter vet determined that he was quite ill and not adoptable.  After admission to Monkey's House it was determined that he is deaf and has advanced stage cancer, a large liver tumor and bladder stones. The disease causes fluid to build up in his abdomen.  Bob's prognosis was grim, he was given less than a month to live.  No stone was left unturned to give Bob the best quality of life possible for however long he had left on this earth. With good nutrition and appropriate treatment, the dog that was given a couple of weeks to live was still active and happy at 6 months with Monkey's House!!  All Bob's care was palliative and he was a true hospice resident.  But you couldn't tell him that!  Much Loved Bob lived every minute to the fullest, and he absolutely loved to eat, especially enjoying peanut butter pies, eggs and grilled cheese sandwiches. He was so adorable and stole the hearts of all that knew him.

On a beautiful day in April 2017 Much Loved Bob gathered up pieces of all of our hearts, he reviewed all of our requests of who we asked him to check in with on the other side. He left this world peacefully and without pain with his foster mom, Dawn Cooper and Michele the founder of Monkey's House at his side. He could not have been more loved.
We are extremely sad but forever grateful that we had time to show him love and a kinder side of humanity.
Much Loved Bob stole everyone's heart with his "faces", his antics and his peanutbutter pie.  We hope that those of you who started following us because of him will continue to do so. While we are sad beyond measure, it would have been a far greater loss to never have had him in our lives. Thank you everyone for letting him steal your heart, for loving him with us and thru thoughts and prayers, helping him to finish up living not as a poor sick, homeless dog that became a statistic but rather as Much Loved Bob, who passed gently on the softest blanket we have, on a chair overlooking the yard and pond at the home where he truly lived. He was wrapped in a blanket covered in hearts and a peanutbutter pie.






Little Buddy was living in Camden owned by a woman that just had him lying on a rug for about eight weeks "not moving"...he ate and eliminated where he lay. He had no fur, rotten teeth, infected gums, fleas, scabs, deaf, blind and literally could not stand up. 

Our Buddy#1 left us in the fall of 2016.  He can now see, hear and run. Something we don't think he was able to do for a very long time. He was gently assisted to the Rainbow Bridge by Dr. Lisa while laying in the loving arms of his foster mom here at home. In the 5 months Buddy was here he made lots of friends and lots of memories. He certainly packed lots of living into that short time. Thank you NJ Aid for Animals​ and Kathy McGuire​ for literally saving his life and for staying in touch with him during his entire time here. While here, Buddy was on a special diet to help him with his food allergies, he had an eye removed due to glaucoma, he had a walking cart custom fitted by @Dr. Russel Howe-Smith. (But he didn't need it for longWe were able to give Buddy top notch veterinary and home care because of generous donations of Monkey's House friends and followers. Buddy, you left a big impression on all who knew you and you are dearly missed.


MollywebsiteRefresh Molly

Molly was one of the original Monkey's House pups. Her health issues consisted of mammary cancer, arthritis, Cushing, and dental disease. With the help of a good diet, vet care, medication and lots of loving, Molly was finally enjoying life.
Molly liked to romp around with the other pups and could always be found snuggled up to her furry friends. She enjoyed being outside and taking long walks. Although she could be a little stubborn as she was particular as to whom was walking with, of course she was an angel with Michele. Molly also had a spunky side to her as she often wanted to do things her way; a trait I think is common for Cocker Spaniels. What we like to call a cockertude.


Bo  BowebsiteRefresh

Bo came to Monkey's House in the summer of 2015. He had hip dysplasia along with Megaesophagus (inability to swallow or keep food down). This made feedings very challenging, as he has to be kept upright while eating and remain that way for 30 plus minutes.
Bo was only at MH for 9 days, but was one of the sweetest dogs that ever called Monkey's House home. His tail was always wagging and his eyes wide and bright. He loved being around people and was a truly happy dog. We learned a lot from our short time with Bo, he’s forever in our hearts.



Sugar came to Monkey's House in xxx. She had many health issues which included xxx. She was an older dog with lots of love to give.
Sugar was goofy and always made us smile. She was very verbal during bath time and told us just how she felt about getting wet. We heard lots of curse words from sweet Sugar with her many baths at MH. She loved all of the MH pups and would cuddle up to any of them. She enjoyed being held close and would snuggle right into your arms.




 Sparky SparkywebsiteRefresh

Sparky came to Monkey's House in the summer of 2015. She arrived broken in so many ways. She couldn't see or hear, had lymes disease, chronic diarrhea and a runny nose.
We made the most of Sparky's 7 months at MH. We gave her love, love and more love. She really liked to be held and cuddled. She loved food and baths. She was very quiet and never barked.
Sparky taught us so much about life. Like when you can't see or hear and everything you knew is gone and you can't find your friends...just keep moving forward with tiny steps.


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