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Monkey's House is a 501(c)3 all volunteer, donation funded organization.  Donations go directly to the animals to help with food, care, medications and veterinary costs.  Monkey's House has no paid employees.  Please consider helping our seniors by making your tax deductible donation here!

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Monkey’s HOUSE a Dog Hospice & Sanctuary limits acceptance of hospice dogs to referrals from established shelters, rescues, animal control groups, and veterinarians.  We do not accept dogs from individuals looking to re-home their pet. Acceptance is decided on a case by case basis.  We do not accept dogs with aggressive behavior problems.  The dogs are cared for in a group environment in our home.  They must be dog, cat, and people friendly.   Dogs can be accepted with almost any medical condition and special consideration is given to dogs with multiple, serious medical problems. 

You must have legal authority to surrender the ownership of the dog, and all surrenders are permanent.  You will be required to sign a surrender form that explains all the details of surrender upon releasing the dog to Monkey's House.

Fees: We are a private nonprofit organization that receives no city, state or federal funding. We rely on revenue that we generate to care for pets while they are in our care. On average, the cost for the initial veterinary visit for new residents is $300 per dog. Admission Fees help us to offset these costs. To admit a dog into our care for hospice, we require the following fee:

·        $300 per dog – if there is a financial situation in which you are unable to make this donation, please include that on your surrender form. Our goal is to do the most we can to aid you in caring for your hospice dog.

If you have a dog for consideration, please complete the form below.  Feel free to attach any additional information that may help us in understanding the case (medical records, shelter records, photos).  We understand some cases are URGENT and we will respond to all applications as soon as possible.


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