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The Monkey’s House Dogs

When you walk into Monkey’s House you are immediately greeted by an abundance of happy, furry faces. Each of these dogs has a distinct personality and an inspiring story to tell.  Here are the profiles of some of the dogs currently residing at Monkey’s House!




Slated to be killed in a crowded shelter, this sweet girl didn’t have many great things happen to her before coming to Monkey’s House.   Daisy was found as a stray who could barely walk. Almost hairless from malnutrition, she would not have lasted much longer on her own. Daisy’s nails were curling in circles and her feet didn't touch the ground. She was bald and pink, with severely irritated skin. When she came to Monkey’s House, her bladder and intestines were masses outside her body, due to an unaddressed hernia condition. Daisy has limited vision and a 3+ heart murmur. We surgically corrected the bladder and intestines and spayed her. Today, Daisy’s critical medical issues have been addressed properly, and with great nutrition she is a happy and active senior.




When Fifi was picked up from a local shelter to come to Monkey’s House, she was in dire condition. In and out of consciousness, she was vomiting blood and covered in urine. Her severe diabetes was out of control. She was too weak to stand and was put on continuous fluids and IV antibiotics. Over time her blood sugar was stabilized, and her personality started to shine through. She was alert, began grooming herself, and gave many kisses to her caregivers. After months of proper medical care and nutrition, Fifi has become a fun and mischievous pup! She loves going for walks with the Monkey’s House volunteers.




Bugsey is a black-and-white Boston Terrier/Pug mix with a lot of energy.  Bugsey was rescued by a photographer from a shelter in Kentucky. At the time, his name was Old Bar, and he was a mere 14 pounds. In need of a warm place to live, Bugsey came to Monkey’s House. Bugsey is afraid of people, yet is beginning to learn to trust again. Now, he is a healthy 28 pounds, and very agile and athletic.





buck edited


Buck came to Monkey’s House in July of 2015 from a Philadelphia shelter. Buck has serious heart conditions,  and he cannot see or hear well.  When he arrived at Monkey's House he was unneutered, had bad dental disease and cancerous tumors.  In addition, he was not that fond of people. Since he came he has been neutered, had his dental issues addressed and the tumors removed.   His favorite pasttime is to spend time curled up under his favorite blankets.






This adorable girl is Lil. She came to Monkey's House in September of 2015. Lil was found in a box with 6 other dogs and was sick and very frightened. She was covered in large mammary tumors, had a heart murmur and horrible dental disease. 

Upon arrival at MH, she was given the name Lil. This tiny being had obviously been through a lot and had proven that she was a fighter and a survivor. So, she needed a name that would fit her well...which is where "Lil" came into play.  She is named after Michele's great grandmother (nicknamed Diamond Lil), who was known to be a very strong woman. 

Since finding all the love and care she would ever need at MH, Lil has transformed from a scared, untrusting dog to one that is confident and happy. She loves to be held and is a total snuggle bug. She watches over the other pups and will be right at the side of any dog that's not feeling well. It's pretty amazing how much comfort a 3 lb Chi can provide to those around her (both canine and human). 

Lil is absolutely adored and loved by everyone. She is enjoying her diva status and deserves only the best that life has to offer. 


This beauty is Holly. She came to Monkey's House in November of 2016 after being pulled from death row at a shelter. Holly was in an advanced stage of starvation, had whip worms and a urinary tract infection. She weighed a mere 27 lbs. Someone had clearly let this poor baby down in a big way.

As soon as she arrived at MH, her medical issues were immediately addressed. She was started on a special home cooked diet of Allprovide food that would meet her extensive nutritional needs. Holly soon began to gain weight and was slowly learning how to trust humans. Her face softened and her tail was becoming less and less tucked between her legs. She began to show us her personality and really enjoy her new life.

Even after everything that Holly has been through, she's a very sweet dog and has a beautiful soul. She loves to go for long walks and can out walk any of us, no problem. Being outside, enjoying the sun on her face, is one of Holly's favorite activities. She likes connecting with the humans around her and we love being in her presence. Her eyes tell quite a story. She is learning to make friends with the other dog residents at MH by going on pack walks and having closely monitored mini play dates.

Holly has made great progress since being at MH and has settled in nicely. We think she knows the bad days are behind her and is happy to be on this new filled with kindness and all the love she could ever imagine.


Beyoncé, or Bea for short, was found as a stray on the streets of Philadelphia and brought to a city shelter. A senior of approximately 15 years of age, Bea was unable to walk when she was brought in. They found she has a large hernia, severe dental disease and cannot see well. She quickly made her way to the time stamped death list. With the help of a very kind foster from Tiny Paws Rescue in NJ, Bea was saved by Monkey's House, A Dog Hospice and Sanctuary.

Bea was brought to our vet where she was diagnosed with anemia, tape worms, severe dental disease, fixed patellas, hip pain and a large hernia that needs to be repaired right away. The hernia created a large mass hanging below her belly which likely contains her bladder and uterus, and perhaps part of her intestines. While living on the streets, Bea was likely hit by a car or kicked, dislocating her hip and causing a fracture and the hernia. She struggled to walk. It is not known how long she lived like this, however her outturned elbows show she has carried most of her weight on her front end for a while. Beyoncé is already stealing hearts and belly rubs at Monkey’s House. Meeting her in person you don't see her lists of ailments, just a beautiful being willing to believe no one will ever hurt her again.


BUNKEYBunkey n

Bunkey came to Monkey's House in March of 2016. Her owner had passed away and the owner's son could not afford her care. She was transferred to MH from a shelter. Bunkey has multiple food and environmental allergies. Since being at MH, her bloodwork has improved and the goal is to stabilize her skin allergies and get her ready for adoption through one of our adoption partners. Bunkey loves to play ball, enjoys long walks and being around people.




Adorable Pumpkin was abandoned outside of a shelter and he was transferred to Monkey's House through Tiny Paws Rescue after their vet determined he wasn't adoptable and had little time left. He has low vision and low hearing.  Pumpkin has a mass on his heart that will occasionally bleed, making him weak and anemic.  Between these episodes he is full of life, causing as much trouble has he can!  He has had a dental since being at MH and the mass on his heart is being closely monitored. Pumpkin is a real cutie and likes to be held. He enjoys walks and looks forward to meal time. He takes full advantage of his cuteness when the cameras are out and likes to pose for pictures.





Maggie is a stray from a shelter in PA. She is deaf, almost blind and has a nasty cancerous mass in her mouth. She is also recovering from Lymes disease. The goal is to have her gain some weight and get her strong enough to have surgery to remove the mass in her mouth and some body lumps removed. Maggie is an older gal and is as sweet as they come. She loves walks and enjoys being around people.





Cocoa was found on Craigslist as "free to a good home". She was pulled off by a good samaritan and surrendered to a local rescue. She was then transferred to Monkey's House. Cocoa is deaf, has multiple food and environmental allergies and has chronic ear and eye infections. She has been spayed, had a dental and a mammory mass removed. She is on heart meds and eye drops. Cocoa is sweet and enjoys lounging around. She likes to be petted and is happy to be around people.




Sugar is 15 and was surrendered to a high kill shelter. She has two types of heart issues, is deaf and has low vision. She had a dental done once at Monkey's House and full bloodwork. She suffers from mild dimentia. Sugar likes to explore her surroundings, both inside and outside and enjoys cuddle time with her people.  She can often be found curled up, warm and cozy on a soft blanket. 







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Bull came to Monkey's House from a shelter in Pennsylvania. He is deaf, has low vision, has multiple fractured teeth, a grade 3 heart murmur, lumps and bumps and cancer. He recently stabilized enough to undergo surgery. Bull had 25 painful, broken, infected teeth removed. This will go a long way in slowing the progression of his heart disease and make him more comfortable. He had a few suspicious lumps and bumps biopsied/removed as well. When dogs have heart issues meticulous dental care is even more important. Before and during the surgery he had an IV, heart monitor, oxygen monitor and a preoperative EKG. Bull came through like a champ!  He's a big guy, but is super gentle and loves people. He likes to be outside taking long walks and exploring the property. He is also a total cuddle bug and will curl up with you anytime. He likes his doggie friends and enjoys being around them. Bull even has black hearts all over his body.  :)



Blaze is a foster from a local Labrador rescue who joined Monkey's House in June of 2016. He is completely blind and is diabetic. He was very overweight at 110 lbs and is now 81 lbs and on half the insulin for his diabetes. Blaze doesn't let being blind slow him down at all. He loves to go on walks and be with his doggy friends. He enjoys belly rubs and spending time with people. He is available for adoption through a local rescue. 





Max was a shelter surrender who is deaf, has food and environmental allergies. He's improved greatly since being at MH and once we have a complete handle on his allergies, he will be made ready for adoption through a local rescue. Max is a total sweetheart and loves attention. He's always up for long walks, belly rubs and snuggling up with his favorite people. He is one handsome dog.






Mr. Peabodypeabody

Mr. Peabody was surrendered to a shelter along with his sister Lucy. The reason given by their owner was that they were "too old to hunt". He suffers from chronic dry eye and Lyme Nephritis. He is adjusting from once being only an outdoor dog to being now being inside. He can often be found curled up with his sister Lucy. They are a true bonded pair. Mr. Peabody likes long walks and smelling everything outside. It turns out that he loves paper products and will steal paper bowls when nobody is looking.


Lucy was surrendered to a shelter along with her brother Mr. Peabody. The reason given by their owner was that they were too old to hunt. She suffers from seizures and has a brain tumor. Since being at Monkey's House, she has really opened up to being around people and is super friendly. She is always wagging her tail and is always happy to see you. Lucy likes to be by your side and enjoys a good ear rub. She also likes to cuddle up next to her brother, taking long walks and exploring like a typical beagle.



Harley was abandoned, and then found by a kind foster who contacted us.  When she first came she was filthy, stinky, had layers of coat, was overweight and malnourished at the same time, yet still knew sit, shake, stay, down, and she is pottytrained.  She happens to be beautiful.  They don't come any nicer.   Harley has what is believed by Dr. Morgan to be a basketball sized fibroid on her side.  The plan for Harley right now will be try to remove the mass and set her up for a great rest of her life. 

UPDATE!!  April 2017 - Harley had her surgery!  Monkey's House is once again counting our blessings.Harley2o
Harleys surgery, although difficult, went very well. It was obviously bothersome/burdensome to her as she would tire so easily, but after seeing the tumor removed, I can only imagine how hard life has been for Harley, yet she is a phenomenal soul. Thank you Dr. Morgan, Dr. Candle, Kristy Reimel, Pam Young and Carly for your extraordinary efforts to give our Harley a much better quality of life. You are amazing and we are all so grateful. Harley will be staying with us for a few days before returning to her wonderful foster family.
Dr. Morgan did a quick video which includes a picture of the tumor. If you would like to see it please go to her fb page Judy Morgan D.V.M.
Maggie and Bull are both doing just a tiny bit better.

Thank you everyone who held our Harley in your thoughts and prayers. She's no longer abandoned or homeless. She has an incredible army behind her working tirelessly to right the wrongs she has endured.❤️❤️



Grandpa is one of the resident cats, but is considered an honorary dog. He came to Monkey's House after the SPCA couldn't find placement for him after a cruelty case. He was at a shelter for months before being transferred to MH. Grandpa is super friendly and loves to greet everyone when they arrive. He has always bonded with the dogs and spends time with them.  They don't seem to notice or care that he's a cat. Grandpa fits right in purrfectly.



MattiewebsiteRefresh1  Mattie  MattiewebsiteRefresh2

Mattie came to Monkey's House in April of 2017. She came to us from a local small dog rescue, Tiny Paws Rescue, with several medical issues including heart failure. Her health concerns were quickly addressed and with the help of daily medications, a good diet and lots of love, Mattie is enjoying life.
After only a short time a MH, Mattie's personality began to show. She is a spunky, active little girl and loves attention. She holds her own with the other pups and can always be found right in the mix of things. She doesn't want to miss a thing. She likes to be held and will snuggle with her buddies. Mattie is also known for her crazy sleep positions...which always makes us laugh.  



Leo  LeowebsiteRefresh

Leo came to Monkey's House in July of 2017. His story begins when he was found lying outside by a fence, unable to move. He was trapped inside a hard case of mats (his own fur) and was unable to move. He was taken to the Voorhees Animal Orphanage (VAO), where they spent hours clipping his fur and releasing him from his own hair. He was then rushed to the vet for immediate treatment of a wound over his eye.
Leo was quickly put into foster care, where he received love, wound care and great nutrition. As soon as he was strong enough, he underwent surgery to help his draining wounds and to remove several broken teeth.
He went from foster care directly to Monkey's House, where he is continuing to learn that all humans aren't bad. As each day passes, he is getting more comfortable with being touched, held and loved. He has fit right in and enjoys the company of the other pups. Even though he is blind and deaf, he always makes his way to the sliding glass door, where he lays and enjoys the sun on his face.





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