Past and present dog parents, would you like to share your heartwarming story about your dog’s final chapter? What were the challenges you faced together and how did you deal with them to create a “new normal” for your fur baby? And in your journey to make sure your dog “lived” its life to the fullest, did you find purpose in yours? How did you enjoy this precious time you had together?

We’re looking for pet parents to tell us their stories that we might include in a future book or communication. How did you make those “special moments” count? Like Tequilla, the cocker spaniel with cancer and no eyes loving his walk on the beach, was there an oasis that you both enjoyed? Maybe your pup had mobility issues; how did you make sure their disability did not mean an inability to enjoy life?

The story of the special bond we have with our dogs that becomes even stronger in their final days needs to be told. Please complete the "Your Story" form, we would love to hear your special story and possibly share with the world's dog community.

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