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How did Monkey’s House get started?

              Founders Michele and Jeff Allen have been end-of-life fosters for many years. They have taken in the most desperate of cases and learned a lot through the process. Michele has a strong medical background which adds to the animals comfort to receive comprehensive medical care right on site. They wanted to take that knowledge and help more dogs, so with the guidance of veterinarian Dr. Judy Morgan, they decided to start a non-profit. More of their story can be found on the “Who is Monkey?” page on this website.

Can I visit Monkey’s House and see the dogs?

              Monkey’s House is not open to the public. Visits are only allowed with prior authorization. This may sound unfriendly, but it is for a variety of reasons. It’s very stressful for the dogs to have unfamiliar people in their space. Many are blind and deaf, and others have serious conditions that can be exacerbated by people who are not aware of how to approach or handle them. The dogs are free to roam the house, and although we have crates, the dogs are normally not caged or crated. So for the safety of both dogs and visitors, guests are generally not allowed. Our volunteers go through a thorough screening process and training before they are accepted and allowed to interact with the dogs on their own.

Can I start a Monkey’s House?

              Monkey’s House is a private non-profit corporation. There is no other organization like it, and we currently have no plans for other offices or sites.

I want to start a dog hospice. What does it take?

It takes 24/7 dedication, qualified veterinary guidance, and mostly a passion to advocate for senior animals. It is not easy work but it’s very rewarding. The founders of Monkey’s House started doing hospice care by adopting or fostering one dog at a time. Only after years of experience and education, and after building relationships of veterinarian support and a network of rescues, did Monkey’s House come to fruition.

There are many 20-hour days and sleepless nights at Monkey’s House. Having multiple ailing animals in your home at one time keeps everyone on their toes. You have to be comfortable with illness, and administering treatments in order to provide the best for the dogs. Ensuring top notch medical care costs thousands of dollars per month for the residents at Monkey’s House. And last, but probably the most important is knowing how to judge quality of life and knowing when it’s time to say goodbye. If you think you have what it takes to run a hospice, start by caring for one or two dogs to understand the level of commitment and finances required. From there build your network of rescues and volunteers.

Each state has its own animal shelter, animal rescue and non-profit laws. We recommend talking to a professional who can guide you through the set-up of a non-profit in your state.

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